Dialogues & Workshops 2011

November-December 2011

Astoria Immigrant Communities In Dialogue Workshop November 30, 2011


Dec 10 Human Rights Day 10th Year Anniversary of MDC Rallies

Other MPTA workshops Adem Carroll has organized in 2011:

June 22 Civil Liberties Panel at Alwan Center

Aug 4 9/11 Disaster Chaplains Panel & Group Discussion

September Downtown Interfaith Leader Meeting at Park 51

October Interfaith Discussion of 9/11 Anniversary at Union Theological 

Radio Show Discuss of Immigration & Civil Liberties Nov 3, 2011

Radio Show Post 9/11 Anniversary (Sept 2011)

November 13 Workshop Discussion at Dawood Masjid:

Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition (MACLC) in Association with AAA & CAIR NY presents:


After Midday Prayer, 12:30 PM

Dawood Masjid, 143 State Street, Brooklyn

Come Join Us to Discuss these Very Important Subjects

  • · Hatred of US Muslims & Arabs—What Can we do?
  • · Changes in Immigration Law: How Does this Affect Us?
  • · Police Spying on Our Community –Are We All At Risk?
  • · What Are Community Leaders Doing About this?


  • · Dr Ahmed Jaber, Arab Muslim Federation
  • · Linda Sarsour, Arab American Association
  • · Cyrus MacGoldrick,  Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR NY)
  • · Lamis Deek, Attorney & Organizer
  • · Emily Park,--Undocumented Immigrant Activist –“Dreamers”

We need police to help keep communities safe. But recent media reports have shown that NYPD has engaged in extensive and probably illegal mapping of Muslims, profiling and infiltration of the mosques, cafes, student organizations and other community organizations. NYPD has established partnerships with the CIA. NYPD has Stop & Frisk policies that have targeted millions of people of color in the last 5 years. NYPD has also assigned aggressive informants who target and corrupt the vulnerable in our community who have no link to actual terror groups and who end up in solitary confinement for many years after.

Other agencies like FBI and ICE/immigration have also gone after many good Muslims and destroyed families. Young People whose parents came here and did not become permanent residents are at risk too. Some immigration attorneys are incompetent and make matters worse. How can we change this situation? What are your rights?


For Discussion of Ways we can improve our lives in the Current Situation

Come for Your Family, Your Friends, Your Community!

A Dreamer Solidarity Event of the Interfaith Network for Immigration Reform


For more info call

646 251 0402


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